10/16/2021: Navy Day Regatta ( Two Races)

This is race is open to members of all SCYA recognized Yacht Clubs, Sailing Associations and members of any One Design Fleet that establishes a class. All yachts entered shall comply with USCG regulations. The signup deadline is September 15, 2021.

Notice of Race

Course Chart for Race 1

Course Chart & Sailing Instructions for Race 2

ADDENDUM #1 for both races

Results Race 1

Results Race 2

Navy Yacht Club Long Beach Registration


By entering this event, all racers agree to the following statement: “ I understand and agree that yacht racing involves the use and operation of marine equipment in extremely close proximity to other vessels, marks, buoys, and the shoreline in varied weather conditions and differing sea states, and further, that the captains and crews aboard other vessels may not be proficient in the operation of their respective vessels. I further understand and agree that this event is organized by volunteers who are not maritime professionals and who may or may not have formal training in vessel operation or race organization, all of which involves a substantial element of risk, including the risk of property damage or of personal injury or death. Not with standing these and other elements of risk and inconvenience, I wish to participate in this event because of my interest in yacht racing and the enjoyment and fulfilment that I derive from yacht racing. Therefore, in consideration of the Race Organizers (as defined below) allowing me and my crew to compete in the event described in this Race Entry Form and/or Notice of Race (the “Event”), I, of and for myself and my Vessel, and my crew, my heirs, assigns, crewmembers, partners, and agents (collectively “We”), hereby agree to accept any and all risks associated with this Event with the knowledge of the dangers and risks involved. We further agree to release Navy Yacht Club of Long Beach, including their respective owners, affiliates, officers, directors, members, employees, agents, committee persons, and race officials (collectively, the “Race Organizers”), and hold them harmless and indemnify them, from any and all disputes, actions, claims, demands, liabilities (collectively, “Incidents”), judgments, and attorneys fees which are related to or arise directly or indirectly from the activities associated with this Event (to the extent that We are involved in or participated in, or are alleged to have been involved in or participated in such Incidents), including, without limitation, those due to the negligence, fault or other act or omission of the Race Organizers.” US Sailing Prescription Rule 82 shall not apply to this Event.