NYCLB Membership Renewal

Membership Dues are due January 1st of each new year.  

After Feb. 28th the membership dues are late and a $25 late fee applies. Dues become delinquent on March 1st of each year if not paid and your membership may be cancelled.   In order to be reinstated your dues and any other monies owed to the club must be brought up to date and current.

To qualify for Non-Resident you must not live or have a boat located in Los Angeles or Orange Counties.

Non-military  applicants need to first apply to the U.S. Sailing Association (USSA) and obtain a membership number to USSA. Then you can apply to the NYCLB.

** If any of your information has changed (address, spouse, boat, etc.), please add your updated information below before adding this Membership Renewal to your cart.

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